Sliding Door Units

Sliding doors are a great addition to any home as patio entrance. These units are beautiful, affordable, and a space saving way to open up a room.

We manufacture sliding doors to go in both directions and are supplied as a complete unit with your choice of hardware included and pre-fitted before delivery.

  • Very versatile units for easy access to the outdoors
  • Units can be opened fully or partially for airflow in a particular room
  • Less obstruction of views when opened or closed
  • No worries about doors slamming closed
  • Most units are bottom rolling, but internal units can be manufacture with top-hung rollers.
  • Heavy duty rollers used for easy sliding
  • Hook locks for better security
  • Frames for single doors 145mm wide with 44mm doors
  • Best hardware available locally used. Finish on hardware brass or satin
  • European lift and slide system for weatherproofing and better energy efficiency can also be supplied
  • All units can be supplied pre-sealed (primer undercoat or 2 coats clear sealant) before delivery. Final coats by client
  • All units can be supplied pre-glazed (single glazing) or glass can be installed on site after installation of units is complete (double glazed units only)