Where it all started:

Cape Dutch Group had the privilege of being involved in a project at KWV in Paarl, whereby four massive wine vats had to be taken down and dismantled. These iconic vats have produced some of the best wines globally, for almost 80 years.

When making the decision to get involved in this project, we had no idea what to do with the timber from these vats; we simply knew that we had to have it! From the breakdown to the transportation to our factory, it was an incredibly difficult process – but the hard work we poured into this project was well worth the reward of it all.

The French Oak from these vats was used to craft cellar doors, dining and outdoor tables, benches, office desks, and many other incredible pieces of furniture. It was through this process that we discovered our love for creating something more than just doors and windows.

To us, an expertly-crafted piece of furniture is like a beautiful memory – it can never be forgotten and every now-and-again, it brings back that feeling of blissful nostalgia.

Nostalgia of those times with mom and dad around the dinner table, sharing her special homemade Bobotie or Milktart; of playing your favourite card games with siblings; or of home brewed coffee with friends and family over good conversation and laughter – where the pressure of the world simply fades away into the background.

A beautiful piece of furniture becomes a part of your soul. The origins of this timber may slowly be forgotten over the years that these pieces of furniture are used; but the soul that we have poured into every piece will remain through time…

Let us create a piece of furniture for you to share precious memories around, so that you can also experience the nostalgia attached to something that is crafted with heart and soul.