The Cape Dutch Group story

When KWV approached us to join their wine barrel dismantling project in 2017, we couldn’t have imagined the impact this project would have on our business. For almost eighty years, these iconic barrels produced world-class wines, and we knew we had to turn the timeless timber into something special.

The transportation and dismantling process was complicated, yet rewarding and eye-opening. We transformed our business from only producing doors and windows to using the stripped French oak to craft cellar doors, dining and outdoor tables, benches, office desks, and various other pieces.

Along with our expertly-crafted furniture, we believe each piece is like a beautiful memory with those wooden smells drawing you in and taking you back to those blissful days of eating Mom’s homemade bobotie at the dinner table, having a piece of her famous milk tart and home-brewed coffee, playing cards and boardgames with your siblings and friends, and thoroughly enjoying a care-free life..

To us, an expertly-crafted piece of furniture is like a beautiful memory – it can never be forgotten and every now-and-again, it brings back that feeling of blissful nostalgia.

Just like those moments, a beautiful piece of furniture has the power to become part of your soul. Although the timber’s origin might be forgotten as time goes by, the memories associated with the furniture will last a lifetime.