Mostly used as an extention from your home over an outdoor living area to give protection from direct sunlight and to create a relaxing ambiance. It can also be used as a loose standing feature in your garden for vines or climbing plants to grow over.

There are 2 ways of installing pergola’s. 1) Build brick pillars and fit a beam or beams on top of these with cross-timbers then fitted onto the beam or beams or 2) Install timber posts onto steel brackets on the floor to the required height and then fit the necessary beams and cross-timber onto these.

Retractable awnings can also be fitted underneath these timbers for a more shaded area when required.

Pergola’s can be manufactured out of timbers which will require a bit more maintenance such as treated pine(not recommended), Meranti, Red Grandis, Iroko and Afrormosia or from more dense timbers(these timbers would not need any treatment and can be left to go grey) such as Balau, Limbali, Garappa, Massaranduba and Purple Heart.