Mock-Sash Windows

If you love the idea of sliding sash windows, but your budget will not quite stretch far enough, then why not take advantage of our mock sash window.

Designed to mimic the look of a sliding sash window and includes decorative sash horns – a feature most commonly associated with a traditional box sash window.

  • Looks much like a sliding sash window, but without the sliding operation
  • Cost effective, but still gives your home a traditional look
  • Fitted with friction hinges for top-hung opening, bottom section is fixed
  • Stays used to keep window open in different positions
  • Outer frame of 105×70 with 57×44 opening sections
  • Hardware in brass or satin finish
  • Arched windows can easily be manufactured to specification
  • All units can be supplied pre-sealed (primer & undercoat or 2 coats clear sealant) before delivery. Final coats by client
  • All windows can be supplied pre-glazed (single glazing) or glass can be installed on site after installation of windows are complete (double glazed units only)