Internal Doors

Internal Frames and Liners :

Finish the interior of your home with frames or liners to suit your requirements. A thinner section frame could be used so that you see more door and less frame. The advantage of using liners is that you can add more detail to you frames by adding architraves to the liner.

  • Internal frames manufactured 90×70, 90×55 or 90×45
  • Stylish liners to suit the wall thickness used where architraves is required
  • Manufactured from solid hardwood
  • All frames can be supplied pre-sealed (primer & undercoat or 2 coats clear sealant) before delivery. Final coats by client.

Internal Doors :

Our interior doors are created with the same level of care and craftsmanship that goes into every other Cape Dutch door. The inside of your home has to feel just right, and we’ll help you create that special atmosphere with peace of mind. If you can’t find what you are looking for from the standards, take one and personalize it or create one from scratch. Choose from a variety of panel types and profiles to get the exact look you want.

  • All doors manufactured to a minimum thickness of 44mm
  • Constructed from either hardwood or MDF(supawood)
  • Panels for doors can be raised & fielded, flat panels, T&G or horizontally/vertically slatted
  • Panels a minimum thickness of 22mm
  • Door styles mostly 105mm or 145mm with 210mm bottom rails
  • All doors can be supplied pre-sealed (primer & undercoat or 2 coats clear sealant) before delivery