Entrance & Pedestrian Gates

Our gates come in a variety of shapes and sizes, yet all are distinctive and stylish. Our wooden gates mostly feature half-lapped and cross-braced construction.

This, combined with sturdy hardware, will ensure that they operate trouble free for many years to come.

  • Leave a lasting first impression with our custom made timber gates
  • Enhances the overall beauty of any homestead
  • From pedestrian to big entrance gates, we manufacture to any design
  • For added privacy and security
  • Manufactured in any type of hardwood for longer lasting benefits
  • Designs can be incorporated with steel for a more industrial look
  • We would, in most instances, recommend 62mm thick gates for better structural durability.
  • All units can be supplied pre-sealed (primer & undercoat or 2 coats clear sealant) before delivery. Final coats by client